New Songs and Insights

New Songs

Your opinion counts. I am currently working on new songs and You will find my song ideas on instagram so as facebook. Therefore I would love to hear your opinion: Which ones do you like or not and why? What would you do differently?" I m very open-minded for constructive feedback. No worries just tell me straight what’s on your mind.

Creativity First

Mike V, founder of Among Lions
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Insights – One guideline only

I allow myself anything while writing new songs. That means I am testing various approaches/influences to enrich the sound of Among Lions.

Nowadays colorful Blues and Soul music inspires me as well

Seattle Sound meats Blues and Flamenco

As teenager I fell in love with the “Seattle-Sound" followed by stoner rock and some metal bands. Namely I still listen to The MelvinsAlice in Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana and many more. A few years later I stumbled over a Flamenco artist. Wow! This is a completely different style. Since then I got an ongoing flirt with Flamenco music. So I am still practicing some techniques from time to time. However this affair enriched my guitar-playing in my opinion. Nowadays colorful blues and soul music inspires me as well. By accident;-) I am in love with these bluesy licks and full stops. But I involve some heavy guitars too. These two should dance together". Can’t wait to crank up the volume on stage.

I remember my favorite songs by color and shape

It's basically rock music

I don’t say No to a song just because I don’t like the label on it. So if the track touches me I am in. Therefore I listen to a wide range of music. Also classic pieces. Though don’t ask me too much about artist and song names because I remember my favorites by color and shape in terms of music. This is why I have my playlist and never really memorize the titles;-). To sum up, If I had to name one genre: Its rock music with a lot of subtitles. Last but not least we can’t wait to play the new songs for you.

It’s basically rock music with a lot of subtitles